How to compliment your pet

Carl and Dug
They say babies speak many languages but eventually settle on the one their parents can understand. Animals, on the other hand, stick to their own language. If you want communicate with animals then there are a few things you (not they) have to learn.

We humans have some difficulty understanding bark and meow and other animal languages. Not everyone has the animal communication talents of Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. Fortunately (for us), cats and dogs and other animals do not mind much for words. They do, however, mind very much about the tone of your voice and the body language that you use when addressing them. In simple terms, it means that animals can understand all human communication... if we do it right.

Your pet will understand a command or request in English, French, Mandarin, Russian or any other language in pretty much the same way - unless, of course, if you have trained your pet specific complicated commands (but they are quick to pick up those in other languages, as well). People who inherit pets from a place with a different home language find that the pets easily understand them. In short, animals ain't as dumb as some might think.

Which means animals will understand when you pay them a compliment. It's all in the voice and the body language. Same as when you communicate with humans: you do not bark a compliment at a person! You say it nicely. That's how you compliment your pet. And, as for humans, it is important to pay your pet a compliment when it deserves it. A friendly "Good girl" or "Good boy" will do wonders for both of you. Because a happy pet usually have a happy owner. And... pet owners live longer and are healthier and happier!

Image characters are Carl and Dug from the Pixar movie UP.
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