Valentine's Day compliment

Breakfast in bed, flowers delivered at the office, Valentine's Day SMS messages sent all day, cosy table for two at a romantic restaurant, chocolates for a late night snack and then cuddling up. But all of these will have so much more meaning if it comes with the greatest compliment of all: "I love you!"

Or you can stay in and prepare a candle-lit Valentine's Day dinner together. AllRecipes has over 600 recipes for Valentine's Day. And, yes, lots of them include delicious chocolate.

Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day!

Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine himself was not so lucky to end the day with roses and chocolates. In the year 270, he disobeyed a decree that canceled marriages and engagements and continued to marry lovers during the festival of Lupercalia, the fertility festival. He was caught and dragged to jail. Shortly before his execution, he fell in love with the jailer's daughter and signed his last note to her "From your Valentine."